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If you are in trouble of cleaning your floor all the time or concerning the damages to the floors caused by heavy equipment, rubber sheet & mats can provide the best solution for you. Maybe you have lots of choice when it comes to rubber sheets or mats. You may also take our range of rubber products into consideration. We believe that our high quality products will not regret you.

As the specialist for supplying rubber products over 20 years, we are proud to offer the widest range of rubber sheets and mats owning magnetic appearance and superb quality. Our rubber sheet products include neoprene rubber sheet, nitrile rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet, SBR rubber sheet, butyl rubber sheet, silicone rubber sheet, latex rubber sheet and natural & pure gum sheet. Meanwhile, we can also offer wide range of rubber mats such as rubber gym mats, rubber garage floor mats, rubber stable mats, rubber anti-static floor mats and rubber fire resistant mats.

Rubber sheets and mats in red, blue, green and black
Rubber sheets & mats

Neoprene rubber sheets, manufactured from vulcanized polymerized chloroprene with chemical inertness, are designed for general purpose applications, physical toughness, excellent elongation, twisting and flexibility. They are perfect to be used as flooring, table tops, buffers, shock absorption pad and industries gaskets, etc.

Nitrile rubber sheets are made of quality compound of butadiene and acrylonitrile which enable the sheets to feature excellent chemical resistance comparing with neoprene rubber sheets. So they are ideal for fuel related applications, such as gaskets of petroleum tank, labs and food processing industries.

EPDM rubber sheets, composed of virgin ethylene propylene diene monomer, feature its excellent weather, aging, ozone and UV resistance so that they are suitable various types of outdoor applications such as outdoor constructions.

SBR rubber sheets made of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene, feature superb anti-tear properties and excellent resistance to chemicals including acids, ozone, alkali, salts and many inorganic chemicals. They are widely used in mining and quarry industries or as skit board sheets, shot blasting sheet, conveyor belts, etc.

Butyl rubber sheets contain isobutylene and small amount of isoprene, are economical alternative to neoprene rubber sheets. With excellent impermeability to air and gases, butyl rubber sheet are ideal for tire tubes, industries diaphragms, gaskets, pipe padding, etc.

Silicone rubber sheets provide the perfect match of chemical and physical properties. They have excellent elongation capability, high flexibility; most of all, they can withstand the widest range of temperature and forbid the growth of fungal so that they are the best choice for food processing industries.

Latex rubber sheets are soft and flexible coming with superb abrasion resistance, tear resistance and high flexibility. Four types of latex rubber sheets including natural latex rubber sheet, latex rubber film, FDA approved latex rubber sheet and weather resistant rubber sheet can be supplied to meet you different needs.

Natural & pure gum rubber sheets have excellent physical properties such as abrasion resistance, tensile strength, elongation, and resiliency although they only have moderate chemical resistance.

Rubber gym mats are non-slippery, anti-fatigue, and resistant to wear and tear with excellent impact absorption. Potential dangers are minimized and the floors are protected from damages caused by abrasion and impacts. Therefore, they are ideal for gym, stadium, fitness centers and other places with continues and high impact actions.

Rubber garage floor mats, as its name suggests, are normally used in garage which are easy to get dirty and slippery. To eliminate potential dangers, rubber garage floor mats with excellent resistance to oil and grease are supplied by our company.

Rubber stable mats are designed to protect your horses from damages of skidding taking advantages of its anti-slip surface and excellent shock resistance. Meanwhile, rubber stable mats are capable to insulate against cold and moisture, reduce dust, fur and noise even comfort your prized horses.

Rubber anti-static floor mats, composed of two layers of rubber which is static dissipative rubber and conductive rubber, can provide effective ESD protection by transfer the static electricity to the ground. Therefore, they are widely used in electronic manufacturing areas, microelectronic labs and workshops, etc.

Rubber fire resistant mats feature its self-extinguishable rubber materials which enable the sheet to retard the aflame and protect your properties. Normally, they are used in high temperature flammable environments such as laboratory.

Why choose us?

Here are five reasons to choose our rubber sheets and mats:

  1. We select high quality rubber as our materials.
  2. We offer the widest range of products to meet your different needs.
  3. We have dramatically competitive price.
  4. We welcome all custom orders according to your designs, standards, materials and patterns.
  5. We provide the best services.
Hot Sale Products
  • A roll of black neoprene rubber sheet
    Neoprene Rubber Sheet

    Neoprene rubber sheets, manufactured from quality polymerized chloroprene, feature excellent chemical, weather, aging and ozone resistance.

  • A roll of black nitrile rubber sheet
    Nitrile Rubber Sheet

    Nitrile rubber sheets, made of copolymer materials, are excellent in oil, petroleum resistance along with great mechanical and elastomeric properties.

  • Three rolls of black EPDM rubber sheets
    EPDM Rubber Sheet

    EPDM rubber sheets are ideal for outdoor applications owing to water, ozone, aging, weather, UV resistance and large temperature range.

  • Two rolls of SBR rubber sheets in red and black
    SBR Rubber Sheet

    SBR rubber sheets referring to styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, feature superb tear and wear resistance as well as chemical and weather resistance.