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Why do you need rubber anti-static mats?

Two rolls of rubber anti-static mats in blue and green
Rubber anti-static mats

Rubber anti-static mats, as the name implied, are mainly used to prevent the effects of static electricity by transfer them to the ground. They are ideal for providing excellent ESD protection to your work bench, workshop and advanced microelectronic labs or other places with electronic devices, such as semi-conduct devices, computers and electronic communication equipment.

It is composed of two layers rubber as shown in the right picture. The top colored layer is made of quality static dissipative rubber with superb resistance against chemicals, hot solders, most solvents, greases and oils; while the black bottom layer is composed of conductive rubber to make sure efficient charge dissipation.

Our rubber anti-static mats are designed to offer about 8×106-8 Ω resistance to ground and 2×106-8 Ω resistance point to point. So they are the necessary component to ensure a static dissipative safe work area.


  • Workshops and work benches.
  • Electronic manufacturing.
  • Microelectronic labs.
  • Pharmaceutical plants.
  • Fiber optics and hospitals.


  • Length: 1’ to 60’.
  • Width: 20” to 40”.
  • Thickness: 1/16” to 1”.
  • Colors: black, blue, green, gray, etc.
  • Custom sizes are also available.


Static dissipative layer (Top) Resistance to ground 8×106-8 Ω
Resistance point to point 2×106-8 Ω
Friction static voltage Less than100 V
Conductive layer (bottom) Surface resistance No more than 10 Ω
Friction static voltage Less than 50 V
Static decay time 50 V to 5000 V Less than 1 s
A roll of green rubber anti-static-mats with checker patterns.
Rubber anti-static mats with checker pattern
A roll of green rubber anti-static-mats with smooth surface
Rubber anti-static mats - smooth type

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