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Rubber Sheets Products List

  • A roll of black neoprene rubber sheet
    Neoprene Rubber Sheet

    Neoprene rubber sheets, manufactured from quality polymerized chloroprene, feature excellent chemical, weather, aging and ozone resistance.

  • A roll of black nitrile rubber sheet
    Nitrile Rubber Sheet

    Nitrile rubber sheets, made of copolymer materials, are excellent in oil, petroleum resistance along with great mechanical and elastomeric properties.

  • Three rolls of black EPDM rubber sheets
    EPDM Rubber Sheet

    EPDM rubber sheets are ideal for outdoor applications owing to water, ozone, aging, weather, UV resistance and large temperature range.

  • Two rolls of SBR rubber sheets in red and black
    SBR Rubber Sheet

    SBR rubber sheets referring to styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, feature superb tear and wear resistance as well as chemical and weather resistance.

  • Four pieces of butyl rubber sheets in red, white, gray and black
    Butyl Rubber Sheet

    Butyl rubber sheets, manufactured from isobutylene and isoprene, have low permeability to air and gases coming with heat, ozone and aging resistance.

  • Silicone rubber sheet in different colors including red, black, orange and translucent
    Silicone Rubber Sheet

    Silicone rubber sheets, with the widest temperature range, have excellent water and weather resistance which enable them to be used as electrical insulators.

  • Four rolls of latex rubber sheets in black, blue, red and yellow.
    Latex Rubber Sheet

    Latex rubber sheets feature excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance to be used as rubber gloves, tubing and others needing high mechanical properties.

  • A piece of natural gum rubber sheet
    Natural & Pure Gum Rubber Sheet

    Natural or pure gum rubber sheets are excellent in mechanical properties including abrasion, resistance, tensile strength, elongation, resiliency, cushioning.