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Silicone Rubber Sheets Resistant to Harsh Temperature & Water

Silicone rubber sheets, with incomparable combination of chemical and mechanical properties, are versatile coming with the widest temperature range so that they can be applied to areas in elevated temperature. Meanwhile, silicone rubber sheets also have excellent water resistance so that it’s widely used as electrical insulators.

Silicone rubber sheet in different colors including red, black, orange and translucent
Silicone rubber sheets


  • Chemical inert makes it ideal for applications fungal growth is forbidden.
  • High flexibility.
  • Superb resistance to oil, water and chemicals, such as alkaline liquids.
  • Average elongation is about 300%.
  • About 650 psi tensile strength.
  • Excellent durable UV and Ozone resistant.
  • Maintain a high range of temperature from -60° to 525° F.


  • Food processing areas.
  • Electrical insulator, industrial gaskets and seals such as fuel seals.
    A roll of translucence silicone rubber sheet
    A roll of translucence silicone rubber sheet
  • Medical labs.
  • Vibration pads and cable blocks.
  • Thermal management.
  • Diaphragms and electrical insulator, etc.


  • Width: 1’ to 3’ or others as your request.
  • Length: 1’ to 5’ as custom cut length
  • Thickness: 1/32” to 1” or custom thickness.
  • Colors: black, green, red, blue and gray, etc.
  • Elongation: 175% to 350% or custom others.
  • Durometer: 40 to 80.

Different types of silicon rubber sheets can be supplied including transparent, translucent, cloth inserted and FDA approved as shown below:

Types Durometer Tensile Elongation UV rated Chemical resistance Temperature range
Commercial 50A 650 psi 300% Very good Excellent -30°F to 400°F
High temperature 50A 1000 psi 300% Very good Excellent -60°F to 525°F
Cloth inserted 70A 1500 psi 175% Good Moderate -30°F to 450°F
Textured 50A 650 psi 300% Very good Excellent -30°F to 400°F
FDA approved 50A 730 psi 350% Good Excellent -60°F to 450°F
Transparent 45A 750 psi 350% Very good Excellent -30°F to 180°F
Translucent 50A 650 psi 300% Very good Excellent -50°F to 375°F
NSF-51 50A 1000 psi 300% Very good Excellent -70°F to 450°F
Military specification 50A 750 psi 300% Very good Excellent -60°F to 490°F
A piece of translucent silicone rubber sheet in a man’s hand
Translucent silicone rubber sheet
Three pieces of silicone rubber sheets in different colors
Silicone rubber sheets in different colors

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